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Of all the Christian musicians I know in the world, none ministers more from the heart and clearly led by the spirit of God than Damaris Carbaugh. Her choice of songs is not only scripturally correct but spiritually convicting and really touches the heart. Her life and testimony are an example of what God can do with a person wholly committed to Him.

— Joe Jordan, Retired Executive Director, Word of Life Fellowship, Inc.

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In Luke 18:1, Jesus teaches us that we should “… pray and not give up.”  But, what do we do while we are waiting for answers to prayer?  On Mother’s Day, Dámaris gave us some insight on what to do while we wait.

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The Voice


Thank you to all who have prayed for me and to those who have so kindly expressed concern about my voice.  I mentioned in an earlier post the visit to Philly where I met two wonderful doctors.  They discovered what was causing the irritation in my vocal chords.  Would you believe that I’ve suffered (for probably many years) with what they call the “silent” acid reflux (GERD)?  This usually happens when you’re sleeping. I’ve never experienced heartburn during the day and almost never at night, either.  However, when I thought about it I remembered how some nights I would awaken with the most painful chest pains that I thought were spasms.
They prescribed some pretty strong meds that I have been on since early March.  Friends, I can already feel and hear the difference!
I’ve also been working with a speech pathologist and a voice coach who are guiding me through the recovery process with breathing techniques and warm-up exercises.  They’re wonderful!
There are other behavioral patterns I must change and live with like less coffee and no eating three hours before going to bed, but that’s doable and honestly not that hard.  The big wedge that I sleep on now is a little hard to get used to but again, doable.
Having to submit to doctors (honestly, to anybody) is not something that comes naturally to me.  Oh, but the joy that comes when you die to your own will and live to please the One who also said to His Father, “Nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done.”
May you recognize the true “Voice” of the Lord in any area of your life where changes need to be made.  A willing heart is all you need.  He is the One who is faithful and will do it.
Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”
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Whether you want to check available dates, find out if Dámaris is coming nearby, or you just want to help pray for our travels, our itinerary is just now freshly updated.  You can see a list of dates, a list of states, or even a map with a marker for every event!  Don’t forget the calendar page!

Come and look!

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Dear Friends:

Greetings in His matchless name! Yesterday, March 11th, Rod and I traveled to Philadelphia to see a very well known and respected ENT doctor. The office walls were lined with photographs of famous patients who had been treated by him and were so grateful for the help they received. Pavarotti was one of them. Need I say more?

How we even found out about this doctor is another precious story as to the way the Lord leads His dear children along. I was in concert (more…)

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IMG_9077IMG_9081What a sweet weekend we have had!  First, with a women’s conference in NJ, then at our own church, Manhattan Grace Tabernacle, Dámaris had the opportunity to speak three times in the two days.  We laughed, we cried, and we got some new insights on Paul’s letter to the Philippians.

IMG_9070Saturday, in a women’s conference in Willingboro, NJ, Dámaris taught a two part series on “Experiencing God’s Peace.”  With about 300 women there, it was an exciting day.

IMG_9082In our church on Sunday morning, we had some surprise visitors from the Normandy area of France, which was so sweet, and our daughter, Ashley, led worship.  After being out of church last weekend because of the Dominican Republic conference, it was wonderful to be back with our church family.  Earlier in the week, our senior pastor asked Dámaris to speak, as he struggled through some flu symptoms.  Dámaris spoke on the humility of Christ from Philippians 2 in a message entitled “What Does Humility Look Like?”

You can listen to all three messages online by clicking HERE.

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nld-blue-smallMany of you know our dear friend, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, through her radio program, Revive Our Hearts, or her many books and Bible studies.  Her ministry has also sponsored True Woman conferences where thousands of women have had their lives challenged and changed to radically live in biblical relationships. This weekend, in Santo Domingo, Nancy is hosting the first international True Woman Conference, titled Mujer Verdadera, and she has invited Dámaris to sing and speak in Spanish.  The event is sold out at the IBI church, with over 2200 women from over 20 countries. The best news is that it is going to be live-streamed!!  Most of the speakers (except Dámaris) are speaking in English and being translated, so listen and be encouraged!

Click on this link and you will be able to watch and listen to all the speakers and musicians.  The time zone is one hour ahead of Eastern Time.  Here is the schedule for the streaming as I understand it:

Friday, February 27
9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Conference – Morning Sessions*
2:30 – 6:00 p.m. Conference – Afternoon Sessions*
Saturday, February 28
9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Conference – Morning Sessions*
2:30 – 6:00 p.m. Conference – Afternoon Sessions*

Click on this link and you will be able to watch and listen to all the speakers and musicians.

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