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“Whenever I have the delight of sharing the platform with Dámaris, I know the women in the audience will be totally blessed by her ministry. Her passion for the Lord and for his Word is so powerful, her joy in Christ is so contageous, it flows straight from her heart into ours. Her voice is clearly a gift from God, and she uses it so beautifully and with such humility. When the last note rings out, I don’t think, ‘Wow, what a singer,’ I think, ‘Wow, what a Savior!’” — Liz Curtis Higgs, conference speaker and best-selling author of Bad Girls of the Bible

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IMG_6543I have a joke about making sure that our number of take-offs and landings stay even.  Right now, they are not, we have one more take-offs than landings.  Dámaris and I are on a plane to NYC from Miami, the connecting flight home from our first trip to Costa Rica.  We have been out of the country for a week.
Last Monday, we landed in San Jose, Costa Rica.  The capitol, it is nested (more…)
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Me with Reba Bowman

Me with Reba Bowman

We just returned from a sweet weekend with Reba Bowman in her annual Dare for More women’s conference in Gatlinburg, TN.  Wish you all could have been with us!

Reba challenged the women to be more than conquerors, from Romans 8.  At one point, she told of the 1916 Cumberland vs. Georgia Tech football game where Tech smothered the Bulldogs 222 – 0!  Our Lord has  (more…)

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Updated Itinerary


Hey folks!


We just updated the itinerary pages on the website, complete with a new Google map.  Click on the map and see just how close we will be to you (or how far…).  You can even get driving directions!

Click on the itinerary tab and you can look in four ways:

By date
By State
By Calendar
By Map Location

We covet your prayers for our travels, and especially for the Lord to speak to hearts wherever we go.

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Envy is a silent disease that we so easily hide. Differing from its sibling jealousy, envy eats at us and can bring us to do things that we never thought we would do. There is a cure, however, and it is more simple than you might think. Listen as Dámaris takes part in teaching a series on 1 Corinthians 13 at our church, and be encouraged.

Listen Now

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Just ran across this video from our sweet trip to Brazil last year.  It is in Spanish and translated to Portuguese, so lots of people can enjoy.

Tell your friends to watch and be blessed!

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WWTRThe Performance Tracks have finally arrived for Walk With Me!!

Buy now and SAVE!  Until Jan 15, 2014, take advantage of a discounted price!

Click Here to preview!


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