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Of all the Christian musicians I know in the world, none ministers more from the heart and clearly led by the spirit of God than Damaris Carbaugh. Her choice of songs is not only scripturally correct but spiritually convicting and really touches the heart. Her life and testimony are an example of what God can do with a person wholly committed to Him. — Joe Jordan, Retired Executive Director, Word of Life Fellowship, Inc.

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Dámaris Carbaugh Promo Video  2:08

Having Dámaris in concert soon?  Here’s a video that you can download and play to help you announce it!  Just make sure that you announce we are not bringing the orchestra this time!

You can preview the YouTube version below, or scroll down and download the actual video:

Mac users:  Click on this link to download (DVD disc image, 118Mb, may take some time).

Windows users:  Right-click this link and save file to your desktop:

Promo Video